Sealers and Gesso

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High Tooth Gesso - 250ml

High Tooth Gesso The Matisse high tooth gesso is a, flexible water-based ground, with a high tooth finish, for canvas, board, wood panels or paper....
High Tooth Gesso - 250ml $16.50

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Langridge Encaustic Ground (Gesso) - 500ml

High absorbency Encaustic Ground by Langridge. Used as a white base prior to painting wood panels and boards with Encaustic wax. For best results,...
Langridge Encaustic Ground (Gesso) - 500ml $26.50


R&F Encaustic Gesso 4oz

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to create a white ground for encaustic painting we have great news for you! R&F has produced a ready to...
R&F Encaustic Gesso 4oz $11.95

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Wax Sealer 150ml

Wax Sealer 150ml The encaustic art wax colours create wonderful art work, the surface of which is normally polished as the ideal finish. However,...
Wax Sealer 150ml $18.50