DVD - In the Encaustic Studio ~NEW~


In the Encaustic Studio Advanced Mixed Media Techniques By Michelle Belto -

In this DVD, artist, author and experienced workshop leader Michelle Belto teaches viewers advanced encaustic techniques that include a variety of both classic and unique media and supplies.

In her engaging manner, Michelle reviews the general tools and materials used in encaustic and also discusses safety precautions. Viewers then move into an exploration of techniques used to add dimension to their work, including collage, and poring and embedding.

Michelle then moves into adding imagery—viewers will learn how to do three different types of transfers.

Finally, an exploration toning the surface and adding finishing touches wraps up the workshop-style content of this program. DVD includes an annotated gallery of works by the artist and her contemporaries, all chosen to demonstrate the possibilities of the specific techniques taught.

* Highly recommended

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