Langridge Encaustic Ground (Gesso) - 500ml


High absorbency Encaustic Ground by Langridge.

Used as a white base prior to painting wood panels and boards with Encaustic wax.

For best results, apply 2 coats of Langridge Encaustic Ground with a wide and flat natural soft bristle brush. Allow about 1 hour to dry between coats and lightly sand for ultra-smooth finishes.

Once dry, Langridge Encaustic Ground is permanent and will not lift or crack.
Advantages of Encaustic Gesso
Brushes wash out in water.

QTY : 500ml

Question: What's the difference between this Encaustic Gesso and others I see in art stores?

Answer: Not all Gesso's are the same - Encaustic Gesso is highly absorbent and designed to be used with wax. Acrylic gesso is not absorbent enough to accept the wax, it may eventually peel off of the acrylic gesso surface. If you intend on selling your art - encaustic gesso is highly recommended to ensure your art is archivally sound.

Why Gesso?

Encaustic Gesso replaces the need to 'prime' the substrate with medium/beeswax
Many artists love to work on a 'white' surface, encaustic gesso not only provides a lovely primed white surface to work on but also a suitable and absorbent surface for the wax to adhere to.

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