Natural Bristle Brush #4


1x Natural Bristle Brush
#4 - 5cm approx

There is nothing quite like a brush for depositing colour. But molten wax requires brushes to be heat tolerant, so these natural hair brushes are ideal.

Molten colour can be collected from the upturned iron, the hotplate palette or tins holding a reserve of molten colour.

Tip: Use soy wax to clean your brushes and tools - soy wax is not only sustainable and environmentally friendly it leaves your brushes soft and primed ready to go for your next project. Keep a tin of molten soy wax handy, ready to clean your brushes, dip your brushes in the soy wax and use a soft cloth or paper towel to wipe clean. Tins and soy wax can be found on our shopping cart.

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