Metropolitan Framing can frame just about anything, from your child’s first drawing to your beloved grandmothers needlework. From pictures or prints to craft and artwork, we can frame all kinds of objects and memorabilia. Framing can help protect, beautify and preserve your items.

Great, you are at the right place. Our friendly and experienced design team can help design your piece with your style and budget in mind. We can provide guidance on materials, design, colours in addition to advising on preservation framing for your special memories.

Good question. Framing prices are not dependent on the cost of your artwork. You may have paid $25 or even $500 or $5000 for your artwork, however, the cost of framing is based on materials, design and the size of your artwork and complexity of the design. Its not based on the cost of your artwork.

Metropolitan Framing is a local, family owned and operated business. We frame your item from start to finish in-house in our fully equipped workshop. There may be certain instances where your item may be sent off-site if specialty services (such as dry-cleaning or pressing, restoration by a conservator etc) are required; we will manage the whole process for you.

The most frequently asked question. Custom Framing is an investment in memories you will have years to come. Framing costs are based on size, materials and design. Our range of frames allows us to provide services to customers seeking elaborate designs as well as those seeking cost effective options. We also stock custom ready made frames, made in house for customers seeking value framing.

Generally, our turnaround time is 10 days/2 weeks, however, we are flexible and can accommodate shorter deadlines.

Some framing projects may take longer as we may have to source materials from interstate or overseas.
COVID, supply chain issues and other situations that are out of our control have also caused longer than usual delays in some instances.
Please be mindful that framing an item can involve long and complex management of your project, from ordering and sourcing materials, design considerations as well as other factors such as our work schedules or time laborious framing processes.

Contact us to discuss your next project and timeframes.

Yes – we are able to frame commercial and production quantity work orders. We can frame Certificates, Awards, Licenses, photos or promotional material. Speak to our friendly team to find about our services.

Absolutely – we have a state of the art Computerised Mat Cutter. We can cut a single mount or do a production run if you require large quantities. We are able to cut complex designs with multiple openings as well as stacked mats. Our products are high quality and our prices are competitive call us or visit our showroom to discuss your requirements.

Yes we do. Custom made mirrors can impressively transform a room or space. A mirror reflects light instead of aborting it. A well placed mirror can enhance a room’s natural light and open up small spaces. The light a mirror reflects also enhances the colour and beauty of a room. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

All of our equipment and machinery is professional grade and state of the art, manufactured by leading international equipment suppliers.

Here is some of the equipment we use in our workshop :-
Computerised Mat cutter (Gunnar AiOX Hybrid XL)
Pneumatic Double Mitre Saw and Moulding Guillotine/Knives (Inmes IM300PL and Framers Choice Chopper)
Pneumatic UnderPinner (Cassese 200 Cart, Inmes IM5P)
Multi Material Wall cutter (Fletcher 3100)
Vacuum Press and Hot Roll Laminator
Trimmers, Heat Presses, Guilotines etc.
FilletMaster, Flexi-Point Drivers, Canvas Stretching Devices, Pnumatic Staplers and Pinners, De-Rollers etc etc..
Various Other I.T. Equipment including MAC and PC systems, printers/copiers, scanners, colour calibration devices etc.

As you can see, we have invested heavily in some of the best and up to date equipment our industry offers.  This enables us to offer you high quality framing and a wide range of related services.  This, teamed up with our great design service, ensures that your memories will look fantastic and pass the test of time.

Our picture framer is a qualified “Certified Picture Framer” (CPF), an internationally recognised qualification within our industry. With this certification you can be assured that our framer has the expertise in preservation framing, glazing options, mounting objects and best practices set out by industry bodies. Just to put this into perspective, there are currently only around a dozen CPF’s in Australia.

We are also a long-time member of the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA), the international framing association dedicated to promoting professional development and best practices within the picture framing industry.  In short, you are able to trust that your precious art piece or photographs are in the best of hands with a CPF.

In most cases, we are able to assist with urgent framing requests.  Depending on the urgency and the item, you may need to choose from one of our custom ready-made frames or choose from materials that we have in stock, but, we can usually satisfy short deadlines.  Remember, the sooner you contact us, the more likely we can get that “Birthday Gift” ready !

Yes – Whether you are a DIY’er/hobbyist and like to frame your own artwork/photos, or just need some framers tape or hanging cord to tidy up a shop bought frame,  look no further.  We have an extensive on-line shopping cart that lists most of the items that we sell and we sell most of the quality items that we use in-house. Just click on the SHOP ONLINE button and browse the many items that we have listed.  If there is something that you need that is not listed, just give us a call and we may be able to help you out.

Some of our Services & Supplies